Gear: Some of our Favorite Picks

UPPAbaby Vista stroller with bassinet and car seat attachments

Expensive?  Yes.  Worth it?  For urban dwelling parents who can stroll miles a day, we think so.

One need not look much further than the incredible Amazon reviews to know that this stroller from UPPAbaby is a special stroller.  How many products do we actually purchase that have greater than 90% five star ratings on Amazon?

For families that live in cities, or just want a great stroller for the suburbs, this is it.  The UPPAbaby stroller will be your workhorse while looking great, and every thoughtful feature will come in handy.  The design is superb, from the the durability, to the storage space, to the maneuverability, to the smooth handling and ride for your little one.

UPPAbaby strollers, plus the attachments, run a little more than the price of a high end smart phone.  But for something you’ll use everyday, we think it’s worth paying up for quality.

The one thing we weren’t happy about was that the original wheels on our stroller wore out after about a year, and we had to pay for replacements.  However, we had already racked up hundreds of miles of cityscape travel in that time.  We’ve hit every bump and curb along the way, and dodged countless pedestrians, unfortunate messes on the sidewalk, and other strollers on the sidewalk.  So we were ok with it in the end.

UPPAbaby is a brand that continues to impress us with their commitment to quality, design, and innovation.

Summer 3Dlite Convenience Stroller

Light and compact enough for travel, yet sturdy enough for more regular use, the Summer 3DLite Convenience Stroller is a good addition to your infant mobilization toolkit.

The 3Dlite stroller is lightweight, with a great fold up design.  Handling, control, and durability are also positives.  The beverage holder attachment comes in handy more often than you’d think.  Though with all strollers, the type of beverage, and terrain you’re rolling on should be considered before placing your favorite hot beverage in it.  Splashing can occur.  We’ve found out the hard way multiple times.  Beverages with lids are your best bet.

There’s some storage space underneath, but not much.  It’s enough to store a few small items, but it’s not going to be enough for a big trip to the grocery store.  Lightness and portability are emphasized in the design of this product from Summer Infant.

Ergobaby Omni 360 All Carry Positions Baby Carrier

Safe, snug and secure carrying for your little one.  The Ergobaby Omni 360 is strong, light weight, comfortable, and versatile.
Little ones will likely start out facing you when they start meeting the suggested age and size recommednations.  But it’s great when you can get to the point where you can face them away from you, and they can see the world coming at them.  The Ergobaby Omni 360 turns into a baby-toting backpack when your child is old enough.
Ergobaby makes well-designed carriers for parents that do a lot of walking with their little ones strapped on.